The Background of SIFT Excel-Based Data Analysis

We Know Your Pain

SIFT is a spin out of On Demand Analysis (  ODA got started in 1997 implementing custom and commercial BI solutions – projects that took up to 2 years to complete and cost hundreds of thousands…or more. We helped companies take a major step forward with their data analyses and reporting but IT was never happy about the cost and complexity. At the same time, business users were unhappy about relying on experts for analysis and reports. They wanted something easy enough, yet powerful enough to allow them to quickly find answers themselves. Excel was their tool of choice but it was lacking in a number of ways. This gave us the idea for SIFT.

We worked closely with business professionals to build a new BI tool just for them – one that leverages Excel while addressing its shortcomings. But we made sure we took into account the needs of IT as far as security, user management, and maintenance. The feedback from early deployments at several Fortune 1000 companies was overwhelmingly positive. So we rounded out the solution with a rich set of features that our customers said they’d like. And we grew.

Now we’re hitting the gas. We have a mature solution, a great set of loyal customers, and new enabling technologies that allow us to economically scale our solutions to handle Big Data. Companies deserve better business intelligence and reporting tools and we’ve made it our mission to deliver them with SIFT. We want to make everyone’s business lives easier, more productive, more rewarding.