Excel Data Analysis & Reporting for Enterprise


Does This Sound Familiar?

Business users are frustrated with IT because their BI tools are too complicated and they have to wait for custom reports. IT is frustrated because they spent years implementing an expensive BI solution only to become a service center for business users unwilling to learn the tools.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Absolutely! SIFT is the solution. It’s Excel-based so it’s familiar, easy to learn, and easy for IT to support without a lot of hand holding. At the same time it’s powerful enough to provide all of the functionality your company needs.

Data You Can Count On

At the foundation of the Enterprise SIFT solution is clean, accurate, and current data. We’ll work with your team, applying our years of experience and technology to transform your data into a data mart with data being refreshed on whatever frequency makes sense for your business: weekly, daily, hourly – and the data mart can be managed in our secure cloud environment or in your network. The choice is yours.

Big Data? We Can Handle It

Think you’ve got Big Data? We love Big Data. Bring it on. Enterprise SIFT scales to handle billions of rows of data with blazing speed.

The Right Tool for the Job

​The Tool Wizard analyzes the structure of your data and creates an appropriate SIFT tool for Excel. You can use the Builder at any time to tweak the tool or create an entirely new one. Examples of tools include inventory, sales, expenses, accounts payable, accounts receivable…you get the idea.

User Management and Security

The web-based User Administrator facilitates the adding of users and their privileges including which SIFT tools they can use and what data they can access at a row by row level. This way you can even make SIFT available to vendors and partner companies without concern that they’ll access the wrong information.