Excel Data Analysis & Reporting for Departments

You Can Do It Yourself – No IT Required

You need an Excel-based data discovery solution for your corporate department and you need it yesterday. A complex solution requiring a lot of heavy lifting from your IT department just won’t cut it. SIFT is the answer. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


As Low as $500 per Month For your Entire Department

SIFT is economical and pricing is simple – just like the tool. You pay a monthly fee based on the size of your data, whether we’re hosting it or you are, and the number of users. Give us those details and we can tell you exactly what it will cost.

It’s All About the Data

​SIFT handles all of the most common data formats including Sqlserver, MySQL, Access, Excel, Oracle, CSV, and ODBC. We can host your data in our secure cloud environment or you can point SIFT at your internal data source. The choice is yours. If we’re hosting your data, updates can be scheduled on any desired frequency: hourly, daily, weekly, etc. to meet your needs.

The Right Tool for the Job

​The Tool Wizard analyzes the structure of your data and creates an appropriate SIFT tool for Excel. You can use the Builder at any time to tweak the tool or create an entirely new one. Examples of tools include inventory, sales, expenses, accounts payable, accounts receivable…you get the idea.